Inside Eva Riccobono's Carefree Milan Apartment

With a black acoustic guitar in one corner and dj decks spinning a record in another, you'd be forgiven for confusing Italian model Eva Riccobono's Milanese apartment for that of an aspiring musician's. Eva's apartment is nestled in the heart of arguably the most important fashion city in the world - the perfect spot for one of Italy's most beloved models to call her home. But her apartment isn't just about luxury - she has kept it surprisingly down to earth.

With stacks of books lying on coffee tables and lining high bookshelves that reach the towering high ceiling, and with an array of religious and tribal statues covering any space available, Eva's apartment is far from the sleek minimalism which many other models opt for when designing their apartment, but there is still plenty of sprinklings of luxury: a sparkling chandelier hangs over a wooden spiral staircase which is placed in front of a dramatic floor-to-ceiling glass window, allowing you to peer out into the bustling fashion city and take it all in.

Eva's living space is carefree and down-to-earth - she has created a luxurious space that is modern, fresh and airy, but still a home which is personal, comfortable and relaxing.


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