Andrej Pejic: "You Can't Eat Much if You Want to do This"

Andrej walks for Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer 2012
Androgynous male model Andrej Pejic has spoken on his struggle to stay slim in order to continue modeling womenwear designs. He comments that in order to maintain the right size and proportions, you can't eat much. Speaking to Grazia, he candidly spoke on his weight battle:  "Let's be honest. You can't eat much if you want to do this. To do womenswear I have to be disciplined. My waist has gone from 29 to 25 inches, my hips are 35 inches."

Andrej does admit that modeling womenswear does have its perks: "But I get paid women’s rates, which are much higher than men’s, so I don’t complain. I’m not sure how the girls feel about me. They’re very competitive. For the first time in my life I have more male model friends than girls. But that’s OK.’

Speaking on how female models have accepted him, Andrej says that they aren't entirely supportive and are quite competitive, even among themselves: 'I'm not sure how the girls feel about me. They're very competitive.'

When asked what he thought of a couple who said they wouldn't tell their baby what sex he or she was, Andrej said: "It’s a nice idea, but it’s an ideal. It’s not something that works with the real world. You have to live in the real world and then challenge preconceptions."

 On falling in Love, Andrej claims he's never been in love and isn't particularly sexual, although he did experiment in his teenage years, although he didn't wear dresses: ‘I didn’t wear dresses but I’d wear very tight clothes, hung out with the hot girls, went to loads of parties and did the usual teenage thing. People were attracted to me and I experimented. But, if I’m honest, I’m not very sexual. I’ve never been in love and I don’t know who I’d fall in love with. It has to be about the person, not the sexuality.’

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