John Galliano Found Guilty of Racism Charges

Today John Galliano has been found guilty of charges against him. However, the designer, who did not appear in court, avoided jail time. According to Elle, Galliano "was issued a €4,000 suspended fine (only payable if he fails to comply with court orders) and instructed to pay a symbolic euro to the two plaintiffs for the February 24 incident. He was also fined €2,000, suspended, for a separate event in October 2010. The sentence did not carry any jail time".

Galliano was allowed to skip the court hearing to avoid more media pressure being placed on the designer. The maximum charges he faced were a six-month jail term and a €22,500 fine, but prosecutors generously requested no jail term and a fine of up to €5,000 instead. When he stood trial in June for the remarks he made, Galliano admitted to turning to alcohol as a method of escapism: ‘After every creative high I would crash, and the alcohol would help me to escape.’ He has since spent time at a rehab facility although there is no word on how his recovery has gone as of yet, nor what will become of his career as a designer.

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