Lara Stone Poses With Her Parents & in her Hometown for 'T'

Lara Stone returns to her hometown in the Netherlands for 'T' style magazine, as photographed by Angelo Pennetta. Lara heads to some of the places she knows from her childhood, and even poses alongside her parents for the shoot, which sees the model dressed in relaxed casual clothing styled by Sara Moonves. In an interview inside the magazine, Lara comments on Amsterdam's famous red light district:
‘The women are their own bosses! They rent their own space, they pay taxes. It’s better than standing on the corner like a crack whore. They get more bloody benefits than I do.’

Lara also speaks on the country's coffee shops that stock marijuana legally:
‘You just buy it and smoke it, and that’s a good idea—why not? I used to smoke so much pot when I was living here. That’s why I can’t remember so much! But really, it’s just a plant.’

Posing pensively in front of windmills, canals and other beautiful sights, this original shoot gives us a look at the model's life before she was discovered - she grew up in the Dutch town of Mierlo before being discovered at the age of 14 while in Paris.

Model: Lara Stone 
Photography: Angelo Pennetta 
Fashion editor: Sara Moonves 
Photos from: T magazine

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