New Anonymous Model Blog Highlights Model Insecurities, Inside Industry Pressure

A new blog, launched by an anonymous rising model living in New York, is giving readers a candid slice of the fashion industry. Although some names are censored or hinted at, the model does cover up most of those involved in her stories, although in some cases, it's easy to guess who she's talking about. The blog documents her journey to the top, including some slightly shocking stories involving designers, other models and people who work behind the scenes. The model also emotionally writes about how it feels to be rejected or not land work - she seems to go from loving life, to crying and calling her family at home, in the space of a few posts.

In one post, she writes how heart-breaking casting calls can be, causing many girls to breakdown: "Agencies don't realize how upset girls get, i see all my friends crying, worrying and they are just broken by the end of the castings. 3 days in and they are wistfully hoping they will silently disappear - and judging by their show options they probably will - according to a big show casting director."

The model doesn't seem to be mind talking about those close to her, regularly speaking on the models she lives with, friends and those she works with. She also delves into topics such as weight loss, the privileges afforded to her because of her career and much more. Charting her ups and downs, the blog has everyone guessing - who is this mysterious model? Read the blog here.

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