Vogue Italia's Franca Sozzani Wants Dior to Re-Hire Galliano

Vogue Italia's editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani has controversially spoken on John Galliano, stating that she wants Christian Dior to re-hire the designer who was fired from his role as creative director after his drunken anti-Semitic rant which ended up in court. She thinks that as humans, we can all have a moment of madness. She commented: 
“Hire back John Galliano. Look, I understand they couldn’t just say, ‘Bad boy! We forgive you! Come back!’ But it’s really a pity. And I will never believe he believed what he said. I think he was drunk and alone in a bar. When people go crazy, they go crazy. It’s a human case, it’s not political or religious. He didn’t kill anyone!”

Dior are reportedly in talks with Marc Jacobs who they hope will take over the role, but rumors have been circulating that they haven't offered him a high enough salary for him to accept the position yet, and that Jacobs, along with his business partner Robert Duffy, are searching for a salary increase of around $10 million annually.

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