8 of the Most Controversial Fashion Editorials

Every now and then, there is an editorial which catches the attention of the media and spreads like wildfire for being edgy, racy, or perhaps inappropriate or dealing with hard-hitting issues. These editorials are the ones that make the headlines and have become unforgettable, be it for positive or negative reasons. Some have shocked us, made us think or raised awareness of certain issues, while others have been deemed racist and insensitive. Photographers such as Steven Meisel, Terry Richardson and Mario Testino have all created editorials which weren't just intended to be about fashion, but to have a whole other level of meaning, as well as artistic merit. Here are just 8 editorials which stirred controversy. 

'Dogging' by  Steven Meisel for V #56 November 2008
Reason for controversy: Depiction of Teenage promiscuity

Lara Stone by Steven Klein for Vogue Paris
Reason for Controversy: 'Blackface' seen as racist

Louise Pedersen in W Magazine
Reason for Controversy: Sexualizes children/ young teens

'Nun Head' - Pop Autumn/Winter 2008
Reason for controversy: Mixed religious theme with sex

'Reality Show' by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris August 2008
Reason for Controversy: Hit back at anti-fur protesters

‘Sabotage’ by Terry Richardson for The Face, September 2001
Reason for controversy: glamorized terrorism

'A Sexual Revolution' by Steven Meisel for W magazine, September 2004
Reason for Controversy: explicitly sexual

State of Emergency by Steven Meisel Vogue Italia Sept. 2006
Reason for Controversy: released on 9/11's 5th anniversary


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