Anja Rubik on the Latest Episode of Poland's Next Top Model

Acting as a judge and mentor on Poland's Next Top Model, Anja Rubik is hitting the silver screen with her gorgeous presence. Last week, another episode aired, which saw Anja guiding some of the potential girls on their journey. For the episode, Anja is seen on camera is a beautiful pleated tiered pale pink maxi-dress, which she wears with a brown leather jacket and metallic flats. Throughout the episode, Anja is seen taking photos as some of the model competitors head out on location to try and prove they've got what it takes in front of the lense. In a recent interview, Anja commented on being an older model, saying she feels like a grandmother to the newcomers: 
 "I'm not worried, although I noticed that I need more rest, more sleep, in order to look good. I feel pretty comfortable in the position which I've reached. I know that my career can stop, but not in a month nor a year.", says Rubik. "In the next three years, I don't have to worry about that, if I'll get work, because I definitely will. Is 28 years little? When I take part in shows often, I feel like a grandmother, because I'm walking the catwalk with 15 year olds."   


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