5 Models Who Were Told to Lose Weight

Putting pressure on models to lose weight seems like an absurd idea, but these 5 models have all come forward and admitted that at some stage they have been asked to drop a few pounds, while some even say that by not listening, they have put their jobs at risk. Coco Rocha says that even when was at her skinniest, she was still told to drop weight, while Rose Huntington-Whiteley was told she had to lose her 'baby fat' which she ended up losing naturally as she got a little older in the end. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Rosie says that she weighed more when she first started modelling, which was when she was asked to lose weight: "When I started modelling, I was definitely heavier. I was quite voluptuous in fact. I had a real baby face and baby fat. But I was a baby! I was told I had to get into better shape, but I'm quite stubborn so I didn't. I can't remember a time where I really battled with my body, but I can remember being asked to lose weight and battling with the advice. It hurt me. Especially as my baby fat naturally melted away as I got older."

Filippa Hamilton  
After 8 years of working with Ralph Lauren, Filippa Hamilton was reportedly told she had put on too much weight and couldn't work with the label anymore: “They said I couldn’t fit in their clothes anymore, I did everything that I could. I was very loyal to them. I was on time every time.”

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum says that when she started out, agencies want her to be a certain way, but she went against that: "People were trying to squeeze me into boxes saying, 'Oh, you're too happy, maybe we'll cut your hair really short, maybe you'll lose some weight to be thinner' and I was like no, my hair is the way it is and my body is fine and I would just go with what I believed in."

Coco Rocha
Coco Rocha says that at a size 4, she isn't in demand on the catwalk: “I’m not in demand for the shows anymore, I’ve been told to lose weight when I was really skinny, you know what, I’ve stopped caring, if I want a hamburger, I’m going to have one. No 21-year-old should be worrying about whether she fits a sample size.” Coco says that people can negatively influence young models: “Girls are told they’re not skinny enough, or they hear, ‘She’s old, she’s boring, we’ve had her, she’s not tiny anymore. A lot of people don’t take into account the vulnerability of these young girls. They are children. Point closed.”

Doutzen Kroes
Doutzen Kroes says she struggled with her weight, and didn't fit sample size:“I probably fit the sample size once, when I was eleven or twelve. It became a problem — I was always told lots of times that I should lose weight. It was a thing, ‘You look great, but you should probably lose a few pounds,’ that kept going on until I was about 22, and when I was like, ‘This is crazy,’ because I would look in the mirror and I like the way I look.” Kroes decided to meet with her agents and told them she was staying as she was: “What we called now a so-called ‘ass meeting,’ because I have one, I have one. It was there, and you know I could maybe get rid of it, I had a choice, not eat maybe for weeks.”  

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