Karlie Kloss Speaks on Her First Victoria's Secret Show

American model Karlie Kloss took to the Victoria's Secret catwalk for the first time in her career on November 8th for the lingerie brand's annual show. Speaking before the show went down, Karlie commented on how she was feeling about taking part in the show, and how she hopes to continue working for Victoria's Secret in the future. Speaking on her nerves pre-show, Karlie commented: 
"I have goosebumps thinking about tonight, I'm definitely a little nervous. I just hope I don't knock anybody out with my wings, that's all I'm worried about. And I think Kanye [West] is on stage while I have those big wings on, so I'll have to tell him, 'Kanye, get out of the way, because these wings are coming through!' They are — I'm not joking — they're huge." 
 Karlie says that she hasn't pushed herself too hard to get in shape for the show: 
 "Nothing out of the ordinary, maybe an extra couple of butt lifts in the last couple of weeks, but just my regular biking, running, ballet. I don't know, I guess this is my first time so I'll find out soon enough if it was enough. My butt will be shaking out there, and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing." 
 She reveals that one day, she would like to be an Angel: 
 "I think that it's something that every girl dreams of. I feel lucky that I get the opportunity to be here and in a way, live the dream for so many girls. I don't know how I'm going to do with those wings on my back, I'm either going to sink or fly. Right now I'm just enjoying it, and it's going to be fun out there."
Take a look at Karlie's Victoria's Secret debut below!

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