Model Carré Otis Claims She Was Raped By Her Agent

 American model Carré Otis, who shot to fame in the late 80's, has written a tell-all memoir, 'Beauty Disrupted' which claims she was raped by her modeling agent, Gérald Marie, the manager at Elite Model Management in Paris at the time. Otis has in the past struggled with anorexia and heroin addiction - she was also once married actor Mickey Rourke.

Describing her experience, Carré writes about Gérald, who was engaged to Linda Evangelista at the time. Carré was aged 17, and was given a place to stay in Paris, sleeping in Gérald's daughter's room in his apartment. She speaks on opening what she believed to be a pill jar in Gérald's bathroom, only to discover a puff of white power upcoming opening - cocaine. "I expected pills. A second later, I stood aghast in a cloud of white powder." Upon finding the spilt cocaine, he responded "with a wink and a grin, what we can't pick up, we'll just have to snort." He also told her that cocaine was "the secret to model weight management."

 She also goes into graphic detail, speaking on the instance which he raped her:

 "Hours later something woke me suddenly. I heard the drunken shuffling of feet moving down the hallway toward me. Filled with alarm, I pulled the covers up around my head. But in a flash my safe haven was invaded and I was exposed. Gérald stood above me, ripping the covers from the bed. Before I could react, his sticky body was on me and those disgusting wet ringlets of his were falling on my face. I pushed back, but I could barely breathe with the weight of him pressing down on me. I cried out, a lame attempt to shake him from what seemed like a drunken stupor. I could smell gin on his breath as he harshly pushed his mouth onto mine, a sharp tongue darted out, trying to open my pursed lips in a grotesque kiss.

The smell of him made me want to vomit. The fury in me made me want to throw him off me. But in my naked, fevered state, I couldn't seem to find the strength or the leverage to move him aside. Gérald seemed all too expert at getting what he wanted, and in the tangle of my naked legs and pleas and cries his hand found my mouth and clamped down, trying to silence me. Why even bother? I wondered. I knew we were alone. And I knew that even if I were to fight back and scream, no one would hear me.

No one would come. Gérald proceeded to viciously penetrate my body, his grunts and groans mixed with the sound of the rain that had begun to pound the tiny window in that tiny room. My thoughts drifted to his little daughter sleeping in this same bed. How could he do this here? Then I thought of the other models who were temporarily housed in this room. I fleetingly wondered if I might not be the first girl to be violated in this strange place. I cried silently as well as out loud. I cried a river. I cried while the rains fell steadily outside. I became the rain. I became the room. I disappeared in the awful endless rocking. I remember the horrific feeling of his penis sliding out of me, the wetness that told me he had come inside me. I remember nausea welling up, and then the involuntary gagging that began as he stood, looked down at me, then turned and stumbled out of the room."

She completes the story by reflecting: "Some women have a hard time naming what happened to them, but I don't, could Gérald have thought that the friendship we had forged, the fact that we did drugs together, that fact that I lived in his house, all indicated, in some way, that I was amenable to having sex with him that night? I can't say. I can only know I never asked for it."

Otis went on to be a success despite the ordeal, overcoming her drug addition and was the face of Calvin Klein Jeans. She also beat anorexia, eventually returning to modeling as a plus-sized model.

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