Prada Model Vanessa Hessler Loses Job Over Gaddafi Relationship

 Vanessa Hessler, an Italian-American model who walked at the Prada Autumn/Winter 2011 show, has lost her job as the face of German telecommunications company Hansenet GmbH for speaking on her relationship with Colonel Gaddafi's son, Mutassim. The model, who has previously fronted campaigns for Calvin Klein and L'oreal and also appeared appeared in the film Asterix had a four year relationship with Mustassim, which she called a "very beautiful love story". She comments that the Gaddafi family are just like any other family, who have been depicted unfairly. According to Vogue UK, she told Italian magazine Diva e Donna:

Vanessa at the Prada A/W 2011 show
 "We, France and the United Kingdom, financed the rebels but people don't know what they are doing, the Gaddafi family is not how they are being depicted, they are normal people. I didn't have any contact with him since the uprising broke out, but our relationship was one of passion." 

 Mistassim was recently buried alongside his father in an unmarked grave after they were captured. Hansenet GmbH, who hired Vanessa to be their face, have said that she has been removed from their website because of her relationship: "Vanessa Hessler's relationships are private business. However we cannot accept her comments on the Libya conflict, Vanessa Hessler has failed to distance herself from her comments on the conflict in Libya."

They also stated that they would remove all images of her from their website within 24 hours.

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