Sasha Pivovarova Designs Prints for GapBody Collaboration

Russian model Sasha Pivovarova is collaborating with GapBody. Sasha, who previously studied Art History before she became a model, uses art as a form of meditation which "cleans her head". Scribbling in leather-bound notebooks, Sasha mixes collages of real photos with a mixture of mediums - oil pastels and pencils, as well as whatever else she can find. Mixing fantasy with reality, Sasha uses her art book as a diary, drawing scenes from her real life (a trip down the runway or a memorable ad campaign go straight in) but she often re-imagines them, putting her own finishing touches to the scene. 

The artistic beauty enthusiastically create 50 prints and sketches when Gap enlisted her for the collaboration, five of which were actually used in the project. The whimsical, girly prints are splashed across silky nightwear and lingerie, completed with a signature from the model at the bottom of each piece. Speaking on the collaboration, Sasha says that working with clothes is something she has always hoped to do: "I've always wanted to do something with clothes, I was very excited." 

She was inspired by Russian folkloric illustrator Ivan Biliban, as well as "flowers, women and fairy-tales" and it shows. On one white slip, a black floral print depicts a Disney-esque scene of fairies. A preview of the collection and a look at some of her inspiration and past work (including a look inside her artistic New York apartment) is below.

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