Behati Prinsloo Says No One Looks After Young Models

Namibian model Behati Prinsloo, who was discovered aged 15, believes that young teen models aren't looked after. Speaking on her own experience growing up in the fashion industry, Behati says that at a young age, you are expected to behave like a professional adult, and you spend a lot of time away from family:
“You’re sixteen and thrown into this world of adults, and you have to be an adult, you have to deal with everything, you have to deal with your money and with rejection. You grow up really quick. It’s very stressful, it’s a lot of traveling, a lot of time away from family, a lot of dealing with stuff you shouldn’t be dealing with at that age.”
Behati believes that models should be allowed to start working young, but need more restrictions in place to make sure they are cared for:
“I think you should be able to get discovered when you’re young but maybe not get thrown into it so full on, maybe start off that everyone has to finish school and that you don’t move away from home right away and there are more restrictions on hours.”

She says that the job can be quite overwhelming, and says there is no one to look out for young underage girls:
“There’s no one that looks after models, there’s nothing that looks after us. There’s no one that helps models figure out what they should do, or help them with their money, and it’s especially hard for underage models. You have to figure it out on your own.”  

Behati stars alongside Coco Rocha is 'Letters to Haiti' documentary. See the premiere photos here.

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