Coco Rocha Was Told "The Look This Year is Anorexic" by Agent

Aged 23, Coco Rocha is far from being old, but in the model world, she has already had years of experience and garnered plenty of wisdom about how it all works. She has already spoken out on models who start working too young and may be negatively influenced (read it here) and she managed to shock those in attendance at the CFDA Health Initiative event yesterday, revealing that an agent once told her that she was supposed to look anorexic, but not actually have the eating disorder. Coco once again highlighted how dangerous it could be for young models to hear something as potentially damaging as this:

"I felt pressure early in my career ... I was told, 'The look this year is anorexic. We don’t want you to be anorexic, just look it.' This message was especially troubling given the fact that I was only fifteen."
Luckily, the CFDA are continuing efforts to make sure young models are protected and looked after, especially during Fashion Weeks.  

A young Coco Rocha

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