Natasha Poly Speaks on Her Personal Style, Favourite Designers

Russian model Natasha Poly spoke to  about how she likes to dress and says she often experiments with her look. Known for her feminine yet edgy sense of style, Natasha comments that she likes to mix things up regularly, but is drawn to certain things too:
"I'm always experimenting, but in general I like clean lines, simple details, rock 'n' roll: jeans, jacket or leather jackets, heels. Between a skirt and trousers more often choose the latter."
Speaking on who her favourite current designers are, Natasha admits that she's addicted to French designer Isabel Marant, as well as the likes of Gucci:
"Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Lanvin."
When asked whose style she admires, Natasha cites Grace Kelly for her elegance and Madonna for her powerfulness:
"Grace Kelly - a sample of elegance. Brigitte Bardot - sexy and spontaneous. Madonna - a strong woman character of the-ho-ho, the Renaissance personality. I really liked her directorial debut with the Venetian "M. N. Believe in Love "about an all-consuming love for Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson."
When it's a choice between heels or flats, Poly says heels give you a much better posture, even for models who already know the best way to stand:  
"Heels. Posture, even in models changes instantly."

See Natasha's Fashion Week street style here.

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