7 Models Share Their Best Beauty Secrets

These 7 fresh-faced beauties have all shared their tips on how they stay looking and feeling their best. From vegetable juice addicts to oxygen facials, all of these stunning girls have their own regimes and secrets which they believe help them achieve a healthy model glow. For some, it is simply a case of using a good moisturiser, while others are more open to trying out new beauty techniques and treatments to stay looking good. From eating well to using a quick fix hair solution for all those fast-paced fashion week days, here are 7 top models and their best beauty secrets.


Anja Rubik

Polish model Anja Rubik gives her complexion a boost by drinking lots of juice: “Isabelle Bellis knows my skin and what it needs. Makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift got me addicted to fresh vegetable juices.”


Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha says that she prefers a natural look when it comes to makeup: "A no-makeup look is key. It's amazing how a nude-colored lip makes your eyes pop."


Freja Beha Erichsen

Freja uses plenty of moisturiser and lets her skin breathe regularly by going makeup free: "I use a quality moisturiser religiously morning and night. When I’m not being made up for a show, I don’t wear any foundation or powder and make sure my face is clean so my skin can breathe."


Hanne Gaby Odiele

Hanne saves time by using a dry shampoo when she is on the move: "When I travel, I use Bumble and Bumble hair powder to keep my hair presentable between washes. I have really thick hair, so I'm lucky — I can skip shampoos."


Jessica Stam

Jessica Stam has been trying out a new facial: “I’ve been getting oxygen facials. There’s this woman who comes to my place to do them.”


Karlie Kloss

American beauty Karlie Kloss uses a light, simple cream: “I use a lotion called Embryolisse. It’s just a really good light cream—not too oily and not too thick. I don’t have a cleanser right now. I’m super low on my supplies! I need to go shopping.”


Liu Wen

Top model Liu Wen likes to do her own facials, and prefers to keep her hair natural looking: “Though I love facials, I usually do them myself. I really love my natural black hair, so I’ve never had any intentions to color it.”


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