Andrej Pejic Collaborated With John Paul Pietrus for Limited Edition T-Shirt

Androgynous male model Andrej Pejic wants you to put his face on your body. He has teamed up with photographer John Paul Pietrus to launch a limited edition t-shirt, which features a close-up of his face, covered in red lipstick kisses. A few weeks ago, Andrej tweeted the first photograph of the mysterious t-shirt, which saw the model wearing a pair of sunglasses, the t-shirt and fur boots. He tweeted:

So if you haven't bought your mother a Christmas present yet...these are coming VERY SOON :)
Now it has been put on sale for $38 (£29) on John Paul's website here and Andrej has tweeted the the design is very limited edition:

Finally the T-Shirts are here! Only a very limited number cause if it's not exclusive what's the point.

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