Plus Size Model Emme Aronson Says Greedy Industry Pushes Models to Anorexia

Plus-sized model Emme Aronson has spoken out on model health, claiming that those suffering fron anorexia do so quietly, while obesity is highly publicised. Emme, who is a size 14 and 5'10", says the fashion industry is to blame for this, and she believes they will stop at nothing to make money:
“The two sides of beauty aren’t being shown in a balance in commercial adverting, in movies and sitcoms, those people who feed off that imbalance make hundreds of billions of dollars out of that insecurity. They raise the bar higher and higher every year and will continue to do that until another model falls off the runway and dies because she’s not eaten.”
Emme also warns that “Eating disorder clinics are filled to the brim but you don’t hear about anorexia – just obesity, we are a country that has girls and women starving themselves for acceptance.” However, perhaps Emme hasn't considered that obesity IS far more pressing, and in the country she refers to - America - one-third of adults are overweight, while only one in 200 American women suffers from anorexia, so why shouldn't it be more heard about?  

The fashion industry can't be blamed for anorexia as a whole, and no designer profits from a model's skinniness - Emme's quick-to-judge, generalizing opinion doesn't seem to give designers who do look out for models and celebrate women's beauty much respect at all, while she is quick to pin all of the blame of the mental illness on those whose very livelihoods depend on the women who she believes they are harming.


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