5 Top Tips for Perfect Red Lips

Red lips have made a really big comeback over the last few seasons, with designers falling in love with ruby red pouts that are bold but also classic and really elegant. Seen at Rick Owens Autumn/Winter 2012, the red lip is seductive yet simple, especially when worn with natural makeup and just a lick of mascara to complete your beauty look. Here are 5 tips that you can use to perfect the always beautiful red lip.

1 - Scrub 

Get rid of dead skin and any rough spots by trying out a lip scrub or brush them against a wet washcloth to smooth out the surface before you begin.

2 - Cover up 

The best way to make the red colour pop is to conceal your natural lips with a layer of foundation/concealer before application - this provides you with a neutral base that will make the red shade pop.

3 - Middle Musts 

Start by applying your chosen lipstick in the middle of your lips, slowly working out to the corners and edges - use a lip brush for precision and build intensity with more layers if needed.

4 - Blot 

If you want your lipstick to hang around, blot your lips with blotting paper and reapply.

5 - Edges 

To get a flawless finish, complete your look by going
around your lips with a lip pencil in the same shade as 
your lipstick - you'll be left with perfectly rounded edges
that look professional.

Rick Owens Autumn/Winter 2012

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