5 Models Reveal Their Favourite Perfumes

We all grow attached to our favourites: be it a classic by Chanel or Gucci's latest fragrance, there is always once that captures our attention more than the others: these 5 models have all revealed what their personal favourites are. Some like to alter their scent depending on the season or time of day, while others have loved the same scent since their teenage years and continue to adore it still. From fresh floral scents to deep musks, here is what the likes of Coco Rocha and Anja Rubik like to spritz on daily.

Anja Rubik
"Yes, I wear fragrance every day. I try to change it up--in the summer I wear something more fruity, and the winter would be something a little bit heavier. This [DKNY] is a great summer fragrance because it’s very energetic. It has a lot of floral and citrus in it so it kind of like gives you a boost."

Coco Rocha
"This Scent (YSL ELLE) is fresh and the floral undertones in it are my favorite." 

Jourdan Dunn
"My two favourite perfumes are Daisy by Marc Jacobs, which I wear during the day, and Gucci's Guilty for the evening."

Julia Stegner
“My favorite perfume is J’adore by Dior, I’ve been using it since I was 14, I think because my mom had a bottle of it and I stole it from her. Ever since then it has been my scent.” 

Jessica Stam

"Perfume-wise, I like Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci.”

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