5 Models Share Their Fitness Tips

Models have to look after one of their most important assets: their bodies. These 5 famous faces have all shared their favourite fitness tips and talk about their own work out regimes, revealing how they manage to keep their figures looking healthy while keeping their work outs fun too. Some like to do yoga, which also helps them to de-stress, while others use weights or jog on a regular basis which keeps their picture-perfect body looking fabulous.

1. Anja Rubik

 "I've been practicing yoga for three years. It helps me relax mentally and focuses my mind. It can also do amazing things physically; it keeps me fit and helps my balance and focus. My job involves a lot of sitting on airplanes and a lot of walking in high heels! I find yoga helps with both."

2. Julie Henderson
“When I’m traveling, there is a good exercise for my legs and bum area that I like to do with a bench, a chair, or something in my hotel room. You just put one leg up on the piece of furniture and make sure you’re far enough away that you can do a squat. Squat down and try to get your back knee to the ground. It’s good for the derriere!”

3. Miranda Kerr

I’ve upped my routine. I’m doing a lot more pilates now as well as yoga. A lot more squats than usual to just lift that butt![Being in shape] is part of my job, but I probably would be doing the same thing if it wasn’t my job, because it’s nice to take care of yourself.”

4. Lindsay Ellingson
“I do anything that is fun, working out has to be fun for me, and not too serious. I do yoga, which is great, I love yoga with music - I can’t do it when its quiet or too serious. I also love hip-hop classes!”

5. Eniko Mihalik

"I can’t work out too much because after two weeks I look like I’ve been training for a year. My new thing is to walk on the treadmill while boxing with light weights, listening to fast music. It looks funny but it works."

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