American Apparel Ads Banned For Being "Pornographic"

American Apparel's latest ad campaign has been banned by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA believe the new ads to be “gratuitous…pornographic and exploitative.” The photos are shot in a candid style and see young looking models half-dressed, seducing the camera in a bedroom and outdoors setting. The ASA call out the campaign for “inappropriately sexualised young women,” and they also believe the images are "voyeuristic". A spokesperson commented that “the particular context of images which featured nudity and sexually provocative poses, there was a voyeuristic and ‘amateurish’ quality to the images which served to heighten the impression that the ads were exploitative of women and inappropriately sexualised young women.” 

Below are the banned ads - have American Apparel gone too far? Or are they simply hoping to be controversial on purpose in order to make headlines and generate sales?

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