Arizona Muse Speaks on her Post-Baby Body Secret

American model Arizona Muse, who gave birth to a son named Nikko 3 years ago before hitting it big as a model, has spoken on how much she loves her body much more since she gave birth. The model also advises new moms not to rush into losing any weight gained during pregnancy, insisting that it is better to rest for up to a year after the baby is born before handling the task. She also says that when she gave birth she ended up throwing away her old clothes because she thought they would never fit her again: 

 "There are plenty of models who have children, at first I was like, 'I'm going to be fat for ever!' I think we all feel that way after we have a baby. I threw away so many clothes thinking that it would be so depressing having them sitting in my drawer when they're never going to fit me. I got rid of my favourite pair of jeans, which of course would fit me now."

Arizona tells new moms to give it time and not to get depressed or feel that your body can't be as good as it was before:

 "You just have to give your body time. You can't have a three-month-old baby and think, 'That's it for me.' I tell mothers that you have to wait a whole year before you start judging your body, before you start working on it. Just give yourself a whole year of rest… I think my body was better after I had a child, actually. I prefer my body now to what it was like before I had Nikko - although I exercise now and I didn't then."

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