David Gandy is "Very Self-Critical" and a Perfectionist

British male model David Gandy has a surprising lack of self-confidence when it comes to rating his own looks. When asked by Men's Health UK how he felt about his appearance, he replied: "In terms of my looks, I'm very self-critical: I hate my hair, my lips, my nose. And I can't grow a full beard. People assume I think more of myself than I actually do." 

Gandy says he doesn't often feel as though he fits in, and calls himself an outsider: "I've never really fitted in anywhere. I’ve always felt a little on the sidelines, like I never fit into one category." He claims that even after ten years of working in the fashion industry, he has made very few friends: "I can't say I have many [friends] from the fashion industry. I’ve been modelling for 10 years, so that says quite a lot." 

 David doesn't think he's particularly smart in an academic sense, saying that he wouldn't be a model if he could do something more intelligent: "I'm clever in many respects, but not academically. I wouldn't be doing this job if I could be a vet." 

 He reveals the reason why he broke it off with his now ex-girlfriend Mollie King. He claims his perfectionism can be hard to deal with which is where she struggled in the relationship: "My perfectionism can make it difficult. I know my ex-girlfriend [Saturday's singer Mollie King] struggled. Things have to be perfect — everything in the house, every car I buy. That's incredibly hard to live with if you don’t understand it."

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