Lea T. Undergoes Sex Change Surgery in Thailand

According to a Brazilian website, transgender model Lea T. has had gender reassignment surgery in Thailand. Lea has intended to have the surgery for some time now, and when she appeared on Oprah she explained that she was in the process of preparing. She firstly had to go on hormones:
"When you start the hormones, it's really, really hard. It's not a game. Your body starts to change in a short time, the skin is changed a lot. The cheek bones grow. The hair, it becomes super long. The hips become bigger. I love the smell I have now, it's much more delicate. I think it's weird seeing my breasts and penis."
Lea in Hunter Magazine #52
Speaking on the possibility of having surgery, Lea commented at the time:
 "Of course physically, this operation is a big operation, but at the same time, I think it's mental too. To think like, 'Wow, I cut part of my body.'"
Lea has now reportedly left the Thai clinic where she had the surgery, thanking staff and crying with joy. She said that she is now happy to be a woman and thanks her friends: 
"Without them I could not do surgery, I know it may seem presumptuous, but I really feel very lucky woman this time."
Congratulations and a swift recovery to Lea!


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