Roberto Cavalli Calls US Fashion "Terrible"

Roberto Cavalli has aired his thoughts on American fashion. The Italian designer believes that it is "terrible" and blames Anna Wintour for it in particular. He says that you almost can't look at it: 
"Just look at American fashion, which is almost fashion. It's terrible and you almost can't look at it, but it has been driven by a great journalist - Anna Wintour - who wants all women to be like her and to dress the way she does.''

Cavalli advises new designers to be different and set themselves apart: 'try to be different and try to create artistic styles'' which he says will increase the chances of their pieces 'actually being worn''. He also thinks young designers have been taught to be minimalists by their mentors at fashion school, which doesn't benefit them: 
''I see young people coming out of design schools and they are too minimalist. Probably because their professors are minimalist, because they in turn have professors who follow styles of designs that are too industrial and commercial. I can only say try to be different and try to create artistic styles. Then the clothes can be transformed, changed and modified to take into account wearability and the possibility of actually being worn.''

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