8 Models Share Their Hair Tips

One of a model's most important assets is her hair, and it is often the most exposed to damage with work demanding constant hair changes, hair coloring and a mixture of hair products. These 8 models have all shared their favorite tips which keep their hair looking great no matter what. Some use vitamins or supplements to keep their hair glossy, while other models like to make their own homemade hair masks, and some have shared their most used conditioners which they turn to when their hair needs a quick fix.

Ana Beatriz Barros
Anna regrets bleaching her hair which she fixed by taking vitamins and doing plenty of treatments: "I once had to completely bleach my hair, and it was so ugly, I took silica vitamins to make my hair stronger and did tons of Kérastase treatments at my salon to get it back in shape. It took about six months to get my hair back to normal!"

Anja Rubik
Anja Rubik has to take care of her hair because of all the products used during her work: "I take care of my hair very much because I have a little obsession about them. Due to my job they are constantly sprinkled with huge amount of products, modeled and washed almost every day. So I try to cut them regularly and 10 minutes before washing them I put on them nutritious oil Neem Olkur from Dr.Hauschka. I also use strenghtener shampoo Bain de Force from Kerastase and conditioner without rinsing off from Bumble and Bumble." 

Chanel Iman
Chanel has to chemically process her hair which causes a lot of damage: "My hair is chemically processed and difficult to take care of but I love Pantene Relaxed and Natural shampoo and conditioner!" Chanel uses Dr. Miracle's deep conditioner to boost her hair back to health: "You put it in your hair and put a shower cap over it, then you funnel warm air from your blow-dryer into the cap. It really stimulates your hair and roots." 

Hana Soukapova
Hana likes to whip up her own healthy hair mask: "My favorite home made secret for shiny hair is a conditioner made from a spoonful of yogurt, olive oil & lemon. It may seem crazy but I swear it works!" 

Hilary Rhoda
Hilary uses Bumble and Bumble 'does it all' styling spray when creating casual hair: "When I'm not working, I give my hair a day off. Just a touch of this spray adds polish without much fuss." She turns to Logics colour nourishing shampoo for hair protection: "I don't color my hair, but I do suffer damage from the constant curling, ironing, and blowouts I endure on photo shoots. This gentle shampoo and its corresponding Logics conditioner are my protection." 

Karlie Kloss
Karlie's treats her hair to a good conditioner and uses supplements: "My hair was really temperamental for a while, after being dyed dark and light and red, so I started using Oribe’s products and they’re great—I love the Shampoo For Beautiful Color. And Nexxus Humectress conditioner from the drugstore is really good. Also, Jessica Stam told me about Viviscal supplements. I bought a 3-month supply—you take one in the morning and one at night, and literally the difference in my hair is like night and day. It has some sort of marine complex—some kind of fish oil—whatever it is, it’s amazing." 

Lindsay Ellingson
Lindsay uses a leave-in conditioner to keep her hair nourished: "I never, ever blow-dry my hair, unless I'm working. I use Paul Mitchell leave-in conditioner, which is really great. I also try not to shampoo every day. It can feel gross, but it really does help." Lindsay has also picked up another unusual tip from other models: "I've heard from other models that mayonnaise can be used as a hair mask in dire situations." 

Liu Wen
Liu Wen believes healthy hair comes from a good diet and sleep: "Getting enough sleep is very important for your health! Also, it's key to eat nutritious foods like nuts, which are good for your hair."

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