Anja Rubik Talks About "Erotic" Relaunch of 25 Magazine

Polish model Anja Rubik is getting ready to relaunch 25 magazine for which she is editor-in-chief. The new version of the publication is set take an overtly erotic tone, as Anja hopes to attract strong women who are comfortable with their sexuality. She commented:
It’s less of a magazine, more of an album. And in general, 25 is more than the magazine. We were trying to create an identity, to do a lot of projects connected to it. 25 is basically directed toward very strong-minded, ambitious women, who are very comfortable with themselves and their sexuality. I was thinking a lot recently and looking how sex is approached nowadays, and nudity, and bodies. Erotica kind of disappeared. The way we approach sex is either really prude or very vulgar.
A teaser of the magazine has already been released in video form, and it stars "25 inspiration girl" Abbey Lee Kershaw. The new erotic theme is evident from the very beginning of the short film, while Anja is taking her role as editor seriously and says she won't appear inside the issue as a model at all. The relaunch is set to take place tonight as part of Cannes Film Festival at Pierre Cardin’s mansion.

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