Marc Jacobs Gets Revenge on Graffiti Artist Kidult

Marc Jacobs has found himself in the middle of a feud with French graffiti artist Kidult, who has previously tagged Céline and Hermés Boutiques with his favoured pink paint (see the Céline store here). Kidult targeted the Soho, New York Marc Jacobs store this time, writing 'ART' in scribbled pink letters all across the store-front. Needless to say, Tuesday morning was not a good day to be an employee of that particular store!

As the news emerged, Kidult tweeted to Jacobs:
“@MarcJacobsIntl … ??? LET’S PLAY, but we don’t play the same rules!”
He later referred to the designer as a “capitalist thieve [sic]”. However, Marc has come up with a pretty genius way of getting revenge. He's cleverly photographed the graffiti-ed storefront and has placed the photo on a pink t-shirt with the words 'Art by Art Jacobs' on the front. The t-shirt retails for a hefty price tag of $689. Since Kidult already thinks Marc is a capitalist 'thieve', this is sure to wind him up further - but what will his next move be?


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