10 Sets of Stunning Model Twins

Model DNA often seems to run in the family, especially for these 10 sets of model twins. Some are identical and look almost like a mirror image copy of their sister with very similar features, height and hair. Others look somewhat different but are still recognisably sisters, such as Karen and Kate Elson. Luckily for these twins, they've often been able to work alongside their close sibling for modelling work, which creates a striking contrast in images, and on their rise to the top of the modelling world, they can both support each other as they work, hopefully without rivalry getting in the way! Here is a look at some amazing model twins posing together.

1.  Agata & Renata Kaczoruk

2. Alexandra & Dessi Pavlova

3. Carolina & Mariana Bittencourt

4. Elena & Manuela Lazic

5. Indre & Sandra Andziute

6. Neele & Inka Hoeper

7. Adia & Ieva Aniulyte

8. Ann & Kenny Kirby

9. Donna & Gwen Loos

10. Karen & Kate Elson

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