David Gandy Slams Gisele Bundchen, Won't Work With Her

Male model David Gandy and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen may both be at the top of their game as models, but it looks like the two seemingly similar models aren't about to strike up a friendship. David has commented that Gisele believes she is "special" and refuses to work with her, saying that when they do attempt to collaborate they end up arguing: 
 “I don’t get on with Gisele. We don’t see eye to eye, we argue and we don’t enjoy working with each other...I'm not going to get on with anyone who takes it for granted or thinks they’re something special.”
As David struggled to make it as a model at the beginning of his career, and Gisele found instant fame after being scouted in her early teens, its doesn't seem too strange that they don't actually get along, and perhaps Gandy might even be on to something about Gisele taking her job for granted, since she hasn't experienced the kind of failure he did before hitting it big thanks to his work for Dolce & Gabbana.


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