Karl Lagerfeld Thinks There is a Lack of Talented Stylists

Karl Lagerfeld has revealed his thoughts on those he works with closely, stating that he believes there are very few talented stylists which is why he regularly works alongside ex-Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld. Karl and Carine worked together creating the recent 'The Little Black Jacket' exhibition, and now the Chanel designer has commented on working alongside Carine: 
 ''It's very stimulating to work with Carine, because there aren't so many gifted stylists, and nothing is more exhausting than to work with an ungifted stylist. That makes a job very difficult.'' 
Karl says that they didn't see eye-to-eye on all aspects, as they both wanted to work with different people initially for the photographs which make up the exhibition but they learned to make it work, and got those involved to play the role of different characters for each shoot: 
 'That's the story and secret between Carine and me. I cannot say that there were real rules. There are people she preferred and people I preferred, and then we mixed it all. It's a mix of different tastes and different choices. I love the photo of Uma Thurman [resembling Marlene Dietrich], but she is not like this in life. We made Anja Rubik Japanese. She doesn't look like this either and is playing a part. The idea is the portrait of the personality, or the personality playing a part.''
Inside the 'Little Black Jacket' exhibition


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