Miranda Kerr Covers Harper's Bazaar UK, Speaks on Natural Birth

Miranda Kerr covers the August 2012 issue of Harper's Bazzar UK, as captured by photographer Giampaolo Sugura. Wearing a fitted red jacket and tailored black trousers, Miranda is sophisticated for the garden-set cover shot, while inside the issue she opens up to the magazine, speaking on family, her son and her husband actor Orlando Bloom.

On having more children: 
“’I think probably, yes. Having a child is the most incredible experience. What’s surprised me most is just how incredible the bond is between you and your child. To watch him grow and evolve every day is really inspiring.” 
On dropping weight after giving birth: 
“’I didn’t feel pressure to snap back into shape. My priority was just having my son and breastfeeding, which was something I really wanted to do, and it came easily. I’m actually still making milk now but, you know, he’s got teeth.” 
On her favourite hobby: 
“I love to sing, and I’ve recorded a few covers and originals with friends, but I haven’t written any songs.”
On being catwalk shy when her husband is in the room watching: 
 “I never really want Orlando to be there [in the audience of a show] because it makes me nervous. But last year, he was like, ‘You have no choice, I’m coming’. And the one time he was attending the show, my shoe decided to fall off.” 
On giving birth naturally so her son could get a good start: 
“I had made a decision that I wanted to do it [naturally]. I had been watching all these baby-bonding videos, and [without epidural] when the baby comes out it goes straight onto the breast. Then they showed ones right after the epidural, and that didn’t happen. The baby was a little bit drugged up, and I was like ‘Well, I don’t want that.’ I wanted to give him the best possible start in life I could.” 
On the perfect morning: 
 “To wake up to the sound of my son saying ‘Mama, mama!’ It’s the best sound ever. Then I just love to get him out of bed and he can jump into bed with us, and we have cuddle time.”

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