Anja Rubik & Kanye West Discussed The Beauty of Porn

Polish model Anja Rubik asked rapper Kanye West to contribute to 25 Magazine for which she is now editor of. The duo, who made friends several years ago at a fashion party, talked about porn and how it is no longer aesthetically beautiful - thus Kanye decided to contribute by making an erotic video starring Aline Weber and various other models, in a heavily BDSM inspired setting with the help of director Barnaby Roper. Anja commented on the idea:  
“I thought it would be really interesting to make it seem like we were entering Kanye’s head, it’s not pornographic, but it’s very sensual.” 
Anja also reveals she spoke with Kanye about porn and integrating it into fashion:   
“It’s funny. We talked about porn looks these days, and he agreed with me that there’s no porn out there that is beautiful aesthetically and integrates fashion to make a beautiful image. We were on the same page about a lot of things.”

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