Arizona Muse & Karl Lagerfeld on the Saint Laurent Paris Name Change

Since Yves Saint Laurent announced that it would be changing its named to 'Saint Laurent Paris' to signify a revamp under new creative director Hedi Slimane, the public have had a mixed reaction regarding the news. Although they will continue to use the old 'YSL' logo, they've created a sleek and simple 'Saint Laurent Paris' longer logo to accompany it which will begin appearing on store fronts shortly. Despite some negative feelings towards the name change, it appears many fashion insiders are on board. Karl Lagerfeld recently voiced his approval: 

"All of them, Dior and Hedi at Saint Laurent, are friends of mine, so I think it’s a very good thing... Paris needs some new things, some stimulation... It’s good for everybody. Competition is a healthy thing in life, especially in this business. I love the idea. I think it’s interesting and it’s important. Something fresh was needed." 

Arizona Muse has also said she believes it's a good move as it makes the change in creative director more noteworthy: 

"I think it was a good idea to change it ... People who aren't in the fashion world might not know that a new designer has joined the brand, so this is a clear way of signifying that there's been a big change. It's the sort of thing everyone will notice, not just fashion people. YSL was the first campaign I ever did, I'd love to do another one — it'd make me so proud."


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