Jourdan Dunn Says She Once Couldn't Fit in to the Clothes for a Shoot

21-year-old British model Jourdan Dunn has spoken on how discovered she was pregnant back in 2009. The model reveals that she was in the airport about to go on holiday with her family when she got the chance to take a test and discovered she was pregnant:

Close friend Karlie Kloss with Jourdan's son Riley
"I made Antoine [her brother] distract Mum in HMV at the airport on the way to a family holiday, while I did the pregnancy test. It was the worst holiday ever," she says. "I didn't tell Mum, but in Jamaica, we went to see a psychic together who said straight away I was pregnant. I denied it, but went back to see him on my own. He told me that great things would happen to me with the baby. He was right."

In the same interview, Jourdan retells a story of how she booked her first post-baby photo shoot but when she arrived she realized she couldn't fit into the clothes and the shoot had to be cancelled. She said the situation was "kind of embarrassing at the time."

Jourdan also speaks about how her son Riley has been diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia: "It's something people don’t really know about, due to the fact it's genetic, so it doesn't have the high profile of HIV or malaria." 

The model tries to raise awareness and gives her support to the Sickle Cell Society's fund-raising efforts and charity events.

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