Lindsey Wixson Speaks on Model Friendship & Not Doing Nudity

American beauty Lindsey Wixson covers the September 2012 issue of Flare magazine, as captured by photographer Max Abadian. Inside the issue, Lindsey sits down with the publication to speak on her modelling career. Commenting on making friends while backstage at fashion shows, Lindsey says that often girls have their own groups but there are some models she talks to:
Most of the time I am having fun, but a lot of the times it’s overwhelming. I did the Oscar de la Renta show for resort recently and I didn’t know many of the girls. Everyone has their friends and people who they talk to. I sit back and do my own thing. I mainly talk to girls from my agency because I know them and always see them. It’s kind of hard to get to know the other girls. 

Lindsey also reveals that she isn't interested in nudity because she wants to make her family proud and stay true to herself:
The people around me – especially my parents and my sister, who give me input. I try to visit them every month of every other month, but I’ve been so busy with work. I want to make them proud and I try to keep it pretty modest. The fashion industry always wants something else out of you and you can decide if you want to fall into that or maintain your morals and stay true to yourself. I always think about what the people from my hometown would think of some of my shoots. I care about what my family thinks – they wouldn’t want to see my boobs printed everywhere.


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