Miranda Kerr to Launch Singing Career?

Australian beauty Miranda Kerr has revealed that modelling wasn't her first career choice. Speaking to Vogue UK, she reveals that she actually hoped to become a gymnast before she got too tall and started to work as a model instead: 

"When I was young I wanted to be a gymnast, I used to compete at it, but then I grew too tall." 

Miranda's friend entered her into a modelling competition when she was 14, but despite her early success she didn't take it too seriously: 

"I never planned it or took it too seriously. A friend entered me into a competition when I was 14 but I kept going with school in spite of getting modelling work." 

She reveals that she really loves to sing, and although its not on her agenda right now, she might someday release some of her music: 

"I love singing just for my own benefit, I have a friend who writes lyrics and we hang out together and have fun. I grew up sitting beside my grandmother playing the piano and singing. But will there be an album one day? Who knows? It's not on my schedule right now."

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