Erin Heatherton Banned From Talking About Leonardo DiCaprio Relationship?

Leonardo DiCaprio's latest relationship with Erin Heatherton has raised eyebrows from the start - let's just say, he has a type - blonde, tanned, young lingerie models! 

According to a new report, Leonardo and Erin are getting on like a house on fire, partly because she's agreeing not to exploit the relationship or talk about it, not even to family, but especially not to the media. Leo is apparently protective of his privacy, and has asked her to stay silent on the topic. A source commented on the situation: 
“Leo is a control freak, he doesn’t want people to know anything about his life – not what work projects he’s considering or who his friends are or even what he eats.” 
Erin, who is currently 23-years-old, is accepting his demands and reportedly happy to stay quiet: 
“She’s the first girl who seems to fully accept his eccentricities.”


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