Freja Beha Erichsen Quits Smoking, Reveals Beauty Secrets

Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen has revealed that she has quit smoking in a bid to preserve her flawless skin. Speaking to Vogue UK, Freja comments on the best piece of beauty advice she's ever given, while revealing that she's kicked her smoking habit despite almost always being snapped smoking during Fashion Week: 

"To have power naps! In the past months I have learned to have them everywhere I go and that is key for my health. To eat healthy food is also essential - especially fruit, for the vitamins. Drinking a lot of water is very good for healthy-looking skin too. Breaking news: I also stopped smoking!" 

Speaking on her favourite beauty products, Freja says she prefers a natural look, but will opt for a red lip or dark eyes at night if she's attending an event: 

 "I am quite "natural" in the sense that I do not worry too much about the way I look and I like a casual look. I do not wear make-up if I do not need to. I want my skin to breathe so I make sure it is clean before I go to bed, and after I've been wearing make-up for work. To cleanse and as a make-up remover, I use Créaline from Bioderma. If I wear a foundation I use Clé de Peau. In the evening, I like to put a line of black kohl on my eyes and sometimes red lips with a Chanel Allure velvet lipstick. "

Speaking on her exercise regime, Freja comments that she likes to unwind with yoga: 

"I do a bit of yoga - by myself, not classes. I like to go for long walks and to garden. This relaxes me and brings a really good balance to my hectic professional life."

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