Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Choupette Stars in Her First Shoot for i-D

Curious to learn more about Karl Lagerfeld's newest muse, i-D magazine has entered the world of Choupette, Karl's now famous 1-year-old white cat, while they also sat down with Karl to learn more in a short profile. The photos are mysteriously credited as "Photography: All images courtesy the Choupette Estate", while the magazine talked to Karl to create a profile about the famous Parisian pet which went as follows: 

Tell us a bit about Choupette… 

Her name is Choupette, Princess Choupette or Miss Choupette. She’s snow white with touches of caramel around the eyes, ears and on her endless boa-like feather tail. 

How tall is she? 

It’s difficult to say. She has reached her final size but is kind of tiny. 

What are her pet hates? 

Water and getting wet. 

What are her favourite things to do in her free time? 

Sleeping, hiding, running and jumping like mad around the house. Chasing big fleas in her private garden and making it difficult for me work by jumping on the paper. She loves to destroy paper, that is what she loves to do the most and also driving her beloved maids (Francoise and Marjorie) crazy. With me she is sweet and calm.


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