Abbey Lee Kershaw Says She Never Aspired to be a Model

Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw says that when she was first scouted as a teenager on the beach, she had never aspired to be a model and although she was thrown into the profession, it has ended up working out for her: 
"I was thrown into [modelling], it ended up working out, but it wasn't something I'd aspired to do."

Commenting on the young age some models start work at, Abbey says that starting early is acceptable as long as the person in question has good people to look out for her and support her: 

"If you look at all the elite industries, everyone starts young. As long as you have someone supporting you and keeping your feet on the ground, it's fine." 

Abbey says her constant travelling does leave her missing one thing though - her family who she is very close to, including her father who these days acts as her manager: 

"I pretty much travel all the time, I'm really close to my family, so it's hard being away from them. I miss them the most." 
Abbey says she enjoys working and when she finally gets a break she feels anxious to do more: 
"I try to juggle everything because they're all important parts of my life, but it does mean I'm tied up all the time, I try to do the best at what I'm doing at that given time without looking too far ahead."

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