Isabel Marant Explains How She Came Up With Her Famous Wedge Trainers

Isabel Marant's wedge trainers have become a huge hit since their release a few seasons ago, so much so that they sell out instantly and go for more then their original retail on ebay. So, what made Isabel have that 'light blub' moment when she came up with them? According to her, the trainers were inspired by her childhood:
"It’s something I did since I was a teenager. I would cut up cork and put pieces of cork into my sneakers because I wanted to look taller. And I always thought about this, what I was doing when I was young, and I thought I should really achieve something around this idea. Sneakers are so comfortable but at the same time it’s not very elegant. To have a little heel in it makes a difference, it gives you legs–I mean, I know women, I am a woman, so I know what we are searching for!" 

She says the trainers inspire confidence and make people look taller while still maintaining a casual, relaxed sense of style which has become one of her design signatures: 
"It’s always about bringing self-confidence. I’m like every woman, so I try to work on how to look slimmer or how to look taller but not being overdressed. I think most of the time when you dress in the morning, you go towards something that’s very pretty but at the end you say, ‘Ah, no, I’m having a hard day, I need to have something easy that I’m not afraid to break.’ It’s a balance of fashion and a way of life."

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