Karlie Kloss Confirms She'll Walk at Fashion Week, Talks Model Perks

In a new interview with Style.com, American model Karlie Kloss has confirmed that this season she'll be fully participating in Fashion Week, after last season missing out on New York. She says she especially likes New York Fashion Week because she gets to wake up at home:
"I just looked at the calendar and dates today; I can’t believe how soon it is! Yes, I am going to do it all. New York is my favorite, though—I’m American, after all. It is always so much fun because of the energy in this city. There’s always such a buildup. I get to wake up in my own bed and go to a show and come home for lunch. There is something so special about it all." 
Speaking on the perks of being a model, Karlie admits she has received plenty of designer gifts during her career including an amazing Dior bag she wants to gift to her daughter some day and some special Chanel freebies from Karl Lagerfeld: 

"Definitely. When I did my first campaign with John Galliano, he gave me a gorgeous leather Dior bag. It’s beautiful and something I will pass on to my daughter someday. I have to say, she will inherit some seriously great bags and shoes one day! I also have a Chanel bag from Karl that is very special. I have a huge closet, thank God, and I was actually looking at old pieces today that I haven’t ever worn. I have some very special McQueen dresses and shoes that were a gift from Lee. These pieces are about so much more than the materialist value; they remind me of great moments in my career and working with such fantastic designers."

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