Agyness Deyn Denies That She's Quitting Modelling

British model Agyness Deyn recently said that she's finished modelling because she's more interested in pursuing her career as an actress. She commented that while she enjoyed that era of her life, she felt that it's over and that her feelings towards modelling have changed:
I suppose I have stopped modelling officially. I’ve not done any for a good long while now. I think it was about four years ago when my feelings were changing towards the industry. I didn’t hate it, but I was yearning to do something different. I was on a gradient. It was a gradual thing…Oh god, I loved it. Being 18 years old, from Manchester, and suddenly having this new world to explore – being able to travel, meet all these different people, and immerse myself in all these different cultures – was just so much fun."

Now Agyness, who stars in new film 'Pusher', denies that she's finished with modelling completely and says that she may make a return in the future:
"It's really funny — it's like I stood on a podium and was like 'I'm retiring from modeling!' And it's so not the case, someone asked me if I had stopped modeling and I was like, 'Uh, I suppose so, cause I've not modeled for a while.' But it's not like I'm never going to model ever again. There's a lot of actresses and actors who model and do work. So I'm not like totally ruling it out. I think like, just the basic fact that I've not done a modeling job in a while was what I was trying to communicate."

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