Agyness Deyn Says She's Officially Quit Modelling

British model Agyness Deyn has officially retired from modelling to continue pursuing her new career as an actress. Agyness, who hasn't done much modelling work in quite some time now, says that although she enjoyed that time of her life and has had some amazing experiences, she is looking forward to her next chapter as an actress: 

I suppose I have stopped modelling officially. I’ve not done any for a good long while now. I think it was about four years ago when my feelings were changing towards the industry. I didn’t hate it, but I was yearning to do something different. I was on a gradient. It was a gradual thing…Oh god, I loved it. Being 18 years old, from Manchester, and suddenly having this new world to explore – being able to travel, meet all these different people, and immerse myself in all these different cultures – was just so much fun."

Agyness says she plans to work very hard to make it as an actress and doesn't expect any special treatment just because she has been successful as a model already: 

"I want to work hard, and I don’t expect to be given anything because I’ve had success in a different field. I’m doing this just like everybody else. I just want to keep on working and creating."


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