Alexa Chung is Sick of Defending Her Weight & Being Judged on Appearance

Alexa Chung is tired of being called out for her weight, and believes people should stop judging others solely on appearance and should instead consider their intellect as more valuable. Does this make sense from someone who has made the bulk of her money and fame from being a "style icon" and thus basically judged on her appearance?

On the other hand, what she has to say about weight is refreshing. Alexa says that just because she's thin doesn't mean that when she shares photos she is spreading "thinspiration" (something she was previously accused of) and it's just the way she is - it doesn't mean that she thinks she looks fantastic or is condoning her weight, and even if she was happy with her appearance, she isn't able to celebrate it:

"I think it’s about time people stopped judging women on their appearance and more on their intellect. Like you can appreciate my style without having to appreciate my weight. It’s not actually mutually inclusive. I just get frustrated because, just because I exist in this shape, doesn’t mean that I’m like advocating it and being like, ‘I look great.’ How do you know I’m not looking in the mirror and going ‘I wish I could gain ten pounds?’ Which is actually quite often the case. But if you say that you sound like you’re bragging that you’re naturally thin, and you’re not allowed to do that because even though it’s not the ideal weight, it kind of is as well. So it’s really fucked up. And how people that are bigger can be on the front covers of magazines being like ‘I’m really happy with my shape.’ But if I was to do that, I’d be completely criticized and ridiculed. But why can’t I be happy with how I look."


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