Brad Pitt's Bizarre Chanel Ad Looks Like a Mockup Photoshop Joke

When Chanel announced that Brad Pitt would be the first guy to front their legendary No.5 fragrance campaign, the world left out a collective gasp - it's genius, it's original, it could be good - the anticipation grew until the video and photo hit the mainstream at midnight Paris time days ago. So, what exactly did Tyler Durden do?

The print campaign might be mistaken for some sort of fan art mockup of what we might expect, except it's actually real. Brad, who wouldn't even trim his facial hair or wash his very Kurt Cobain locks for the $7 million campaign, quickly becomes the anti-Chanel in about 5 seconds. In the 30 second video in which he seduces what you believe to be a woman, but instead is, duh, the perfume, it falls flat. He's standing in a blank room, extremely pared down, which you might expect would fit the scenario, but it somehow seems dull and lifeless.
The video is even hilariously titled 'There You Are' - is it all too bad to be real? Is Brad Pitt in on the joke, or a victim of how weird this is? At least Ewan McGregor feels better about his Belstaff ads now.

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