Cara Delevingne is About to Land Another Film Role

Cara Delevingne's always dreamt of moving into acting, and it looks like she might be about to make that transition. She's already made a small appearance in new film 'Anna Karenina' alongside Keira Knightley, and now she's in talks for her second role. Actress Sadie Frost has turned director for new film 'Set the Thames on Fire', and Frost is interested in casting Cara who she has a part in mind for. Frost commented on the idea: 

 “There’s a part we would love Cara to be in…she’s got such an amazing look and such a great energy, she’s perfect for the part so I hope she can do it.” 

According to reports, the studio are only in "early talks" to bring Cara on board, but it looks like Frost is set on the idea, so it's likely to happen in Cara is happy to take on the part. With role offers pouring in, will Cara abandon the catwalks she featured so heavily on recently in favour of pursuing her original dream? Watch this space..

Cara in Anna Karenina

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